Home Super Food PowerGel Smoothie Evaluation: Power From Herbal Fruit Puree

PowerGel Smoothie Evaluation: Power From Herbal Fruit Puree

PowerGel Smoothie Evaluation: Power From Herbal Fruit Puree


Advertising claims – what’s PowerGel Smoothie?

  1. PowerGel Smoothie is made with no less than 65% pure fruit puree, that means it’s now not an all-natural gasoline (see our assessment on all-natural calories gels). Extra on its dietary profile and elements later.
  2. The carbohydrate content material is in response to what the corporate calls “C2MAX Twin Supply Carb Combine,” which is only a fancy strategy to say 2:1 glucose-to-fructose ratio.
  3. Its sodium content material is in particular referred to as out. 147 mg according to sachet.
  4. Indexed at the Cologne Checklist. This can be a secure gasoline selection if you happen to’re an elite athlete subjected to drug checks.

What are the dietary info and elements of PowerGel Smoothie?

At 90 g, PowerGel Smoothie supplies 146 energy and 35 g of carbohydrates, of which 15 g are from sugar. Different notables are 147 mg of sodium and nil.37 g of salt, which provides every other 143 g of sodium, for a beneficiant 290 g of sodium according to pack by way of my calculation.

If you happen to’re a salty sweater, PowerGel Smoothie is definitely designed to fill up electrolytes. Right here’s a work to estimate your fee of sweat sodium losses.

For this type of heavy calories gel, 35 g of carbohydrates and 146 energy aren’t so much. It relatively underwhelms when it comes to energy-to-weight ratio.

I examined the Mango Apple taste, so the 65% fruit puree got here from apple and mango. Maltodextrin and fructose also are incorporated for extra sugar.


What are the style and consistency of PowerGel Smoothie?

The feel of the calories gel is at the thicker facet of the spectrum. It’s referred to as a smoothie, in any case.

Taste-wise, I wouldn’t say it tastes nice, however it wasn’t horrible. Because of the prime salt and sodium citrate content material, it has a savory/tart twist. Without a doubt one of the vital distinctive calories gel flavors I’ve attempted.



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