Home Yoga Snehapana in Ayurveda (Interior Oleation Remedy): Advantages, Process and Extra

Snehapana in Ayurveda (Interior Oleation Remedy): Advantages, Process and Extra

Snehapana in Ayurveda (Interior Oleation Remedy): Advantages, Process and Extra


Snehapana is crucial remedy in Ayurveda, which comes to the oral consumption of medicated ghee or oil. The Sanskrit time period “Sneha” refers to grease or medicated ghee, and “Pana” method ingestion, therefore the title “Snehapana”. It’s performed as a preparatory procedure for Panchakarma.

In Snehapana remedy, a selected amount of medicated ghee or oil is ate up on an empty abdomen within the morning, adopted by way of a selected nutrition and way of life routine. This remedy is used for each preventive and healing functions in Ayurveda. It’s believed to assist support digestion, spice up immunity, make stronger pores and skin well being, relieve joint ache, and support general well being and well-being.

On this article, we can delve deeper into the idea that of Snehapana in Ayurveda, its advantages, how it’s carried out, and the precautions that wish to be taken whilst present process this remedy. We will be able to additionally discover the several types of medicated ghee or oil utilized in Snehapana and their healing advantages. So, let’s get began and discover the arena of Snehapana in Ayurveda.

Idea of Snehapana in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic machine of practices that emphasizes the significance of steadiness between the 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any imbalance in those doshas can result in more than a few well being issues. Snehapana is a remedy this is utilized in Ayurveda to steadiness the Vata dosha.

Snehapana is an interior oleation remedy, which comes to the intake of medicated ghee (clarified butter) or oil to lubricate the inner organs and tissues. The idea that of interior oleation remedy is in response to the main that oil can penetrate the frame tissues and shipping the therapeutic homes of herbs and minerals to the deeper tissues.

In Ayurveda, the removing of poisons from the frame is completed thru a procedure known as Panchakarma, which comes to a chain of treatments that intention to take away toxins and impurities from the frame. Panchakarma contains principally 5 treatments

  • Vamana (emesis remedy)
  • Virechana (purgation remedy)
  • Basti (enema remedy)
  • Nasya (nasal management of drugs)
  • Raktamokshana (bloodletting remedy).

Snehapana in Ayurveda is a preparatory remedy this is continuously carried out ahead of primary Panchakarma remedy to assist loosen toxins and get ready the frame for removing. It specifically complements the remedies of Vamanamm (emesis remedy) and Virechanam (purgation remedy) treatments.

The usage of Snehapana is to arrange the frame for the method of expelling toxins. It guarantees that the frame’s cells are soaked with sufficient oil to the purpose the place they’re set to evacuate all of it on the earliest alternative. It is helping to flush out toxins from the frame by way of lubricating the digestive tract and lengthening the potency of the removing procedure.

How Snehapana Is helping in Balancing the Doshas?

In Ayurveda, the Vata dosha is accountable principally for motion. It’s related to dryness, coldness, and roughness. When the Vata dosha is imbalanced, it can result in more than a few well being issues corresponding to constipation, dry pores and skin, joint ache, anxiousness, and insomnia. Snehapana is used to steadiness the Vata dosha by way of offering lubrication to the frame tissues and calming the fearful machine.

Snehapana is helping deal with a lot of sicknesses, together with arthritis, urinary problems, psoriasis, and gastroenterological illnesses like peptic ulcers, indigestion, bowel problems, constipation, and diarrhoea. 

Sufferers present process this remedy are given medicinal ghee ready from cow milk (or, in positive circumstances, medicinal oil), which will have to be ingested orally on an empty abdomen. The medicated oil or ghee is regularly ate up till it starts to seep from your pores.

How Snehapana is completed?

Snehapana is a healing process. It comes to session with a certified Ayurvedic practitioner who assesses your general well being, determines your Dosha (frame charter), and prescribes the precise kind and amount of medicated ghee or oil for you.

Here’s the step by step process for Snehapana remedy:

  1. Affected person Evaluation: The remedy is completed below the supervision of a educated and certified Ayurvedic physician/practitioner. The physician observes the overall situation of the affected person, the ailment for which the remedy is getting used, and different elements like scientific historical past, conduct, addictions, and common way of life of the affected person.
  2. Resolution of Medicinal Ghee/Oil Amount: The physician determines the volume of medicinal ghee/oil to be ate up by way of the affected person in response to the affected person’s situation and the supposed healing result.
  3. Preparatory Section: The affected person is requested to take a reasonable quantity of heat, liquid meals sooner or later ahead of the ghee intake to arrange the frame for the remedy.
  4. Lukewarm Ghee/Oil Intake: The medicinal ghee/oil is heated to a lukewarm temperature and given to the affected person on an empty abdomen, most often within the morning hours. The affected person is requested to sit down with ease on a chair whilst eating the ghee/oil.
  5. Statement and Tracking: After the affected person beverages the ghee/oil, the physician displays for indicators of entire digestion, which is helping resolve the time wanted for the ghee/oil to be digested and assimilated into the frame.
  6. Day by day Intake: The ghee/oil is ate up as soon as each day by way of the affected person for all the process the remedy, as prescribed by way of the physician.
  7. Remedy Cessation: As soon as there are indicators of stepped forward physically purposes, the remedy is stopped by way of the physician.

Typically, Snehapana remedy can final for three days to two weeks, with the frequency and length of the remedy being decided by way of the Ayurvedic practitioner in response to the original analysis, body structure and desires of the person present process the remedy. All through this length, the medicinal ghee must be ate up as soon as every day and the volume will likely be made up our minds as according to the digestive skill of the affected person.

To resolve how lengthy it’s going to take for the affected person to digest the ghee, the physician will search for signs of entire digestion after the affected person has ate up it. The Sneha has been totally digested if there is not any sneha odour in belching.

The above process is referred to as Achapana or Acchapeya Snehana which comes below interior oleation remedy or abhyanthara snehana.

Some other type of Snehapana is bahya snehana by which oleation is performed thru more than a few ayurvedic massages corresponding to Shirodhara, Abhyanga, and many others.

Rather continuously, you could be requested to move thru Swedana which is an ayurvedic detox remedy for encouraging the discharge of sweat. You’re additionally given massages often to unencumber the toxins at the muscle tissue and stimulate the lymphatic machine.

Advantages of Snehapana Remedy

Snehapana is moderately well known remedy in Ayurveda for detoxing because of its means of getting rid of toxins from the digestive tract, blood cells, and GI tract. Through disposing of the toxins, you’re necessarily putting in place your frame to get nourished from contemporary blood, stimulating the digestive and removing procedure, and ensuring that your doshas morbidities are minimized.

Owing to the above, listed below are some advantages of present process Snehapana remedy:

  • Improves the efficacy of digestion and stimulates the digestive agni.
  • Nurture your frame’s tissues.
  • Controls metabolism and lessens inside dryness.
  • Interior frame cleaning is helping to forestall continual illnesses.
  • Improves well being and complements immunity.
  • Makes the surface cushy and decreases growing old signs together with wrinkles and lack of pores and skin suppleness.
  • Minimizes the strain and anxiousness as a consequence of a aggressive and fast moving existence.
  • Aids in weight reduction by way of saturating the frame with further fats from the ghee, which activates them to expel the surplus fats together with any toxins that can had been provide.

Sorts of Sneha utilized in Snehapana

Typically, 4 sorts of Sneha are utilized in Snehapana remedy: ghee, sesame oil, animal fats, and bone marrow. Out of those, ghee is probably the most preferable as it’s appropriate with all of the doshas, simply digestible, doesn’t purpose a burning sensation, and enhances the opposite ingredients that you just eat.

The time of 12 months {that a} affected person receives remedy impacts which sneha ingredients they will have to eat. Ghee has been urged for the autumn, the usage of oil is favoured within the iciness, and the usage of fats and bone marrow has been urged for the spring.

Since bone marrow is the toughest and heaviest substance to digest, you would possibly not in finding many ayurvedic practitioners the usage of this for snehapanam.

Dosage and frequency 

The perfect length for snehapana is 3-7 days, with the volume of ghee proportionately expanding every day. Alternatively, it additionally in large part depends upon the physically reaction, body structure, and analysis of the affected person. 

The dosage of the sneha can range from low to most in response to the ailment of the affected person or the purpose of taking the process.

The utmost Dose is given to people who are used to eating numerous sugary meals often, can deal with starvation and thirst, and feature sound immune methods. The sneha is normally digested inside 24 hours.

Issues like constipation, dysentery, and digestive machine inflammation can also be thought to be for max dose.

Medium Dose is beneficial for individuals who have medium energy, are conversant in consuming in reasonable amounts, and feature delicate bowel patterns. The sneha is normally digested inside 12 hours.

A reasonable dose treats stipulations together with gout, obstinate urinary illnesses, vesicles, itching, and rashes at the scalp.

Low Dose is beneficial for the ones with much less energy, seniors, children, other folks with weaker constitutions, individuals who can’t deal with starvation, and other folks with impaired digestion. The sneha is normally digested inside 6 hours.

Unctuousness in a decrease dosage is suggested in circumstances of continual sicknesses together with fever, diarrhoea, and cough.

Some other classification is an overly gentle dose or a take a look at dose. The Sneha ate up right here can also be digested once 3 hours. That is normally prescribed to check a person’s digestive capability and intestine. In accordance with this take a look at dose, additional remedy plans and dosage will likely be made up our minds.

Meals to devour all the way through Snehapanam

All through all days of Snehapana remedy, you are going to handiest be eating heat meals handiest when you are feeling hungry. There’s no designated dinner time so if you are feeling hungry at nighttime, you’re allowed to devour.

Ensure that no matter you devour is gentle corresponding to rice congee, soup, or porridge. It will have to no longer have too many components, no longer be too oily, and will have to be liquified to a undeniable extent.

Additionally, you will have to drink water handiest in sips all over the day as a substitute of a complete glass. And it will have to be heat as a substitute of room temperature or chilly.

You will have to enquire concerning the meals you will have to devour together with your ayurvedic practitioner.

Signs of Snehapanam

Other people hardly ever revel in any unwanted effects from this Snehapana.

Alternatively, based on the consumption of ghee, indigestion might get up in some sufferers, which might result in burping, belching, and flatulence as a symptom. Moreover, complications, nausea, and vomiting may just happen.

Hardly ever, low power and temper swings are spotted when receiving the ghee in Snehapana remedy. This happens on account of your frame going thru an intensive cleaning procedure. Through training solitude, enticing in meditation, getting a lot of relaxation, or studying inspiring literature, temper fluctuations can also be managed.

Additionally it is standard to revel in the urge to throw up or revel in free stools. A work of lemon will likely be introduced for sucking on this scenario, which can help to reduce the unpleasantness.

Contraindications of Snehapana

Whilst Snehapana is regarded as protected and efficient when carried out below the steering of a certified Ayurvedic physician, there are some contraindications to remember. The next stipulations or eventualities might save you an individual from present process Snehapana remedy or require particular precautions:

  1. Being pregnant or breastfeeding: Snehapana isn’t beneficial for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.
  2. Weight problems: Sufferers with over the top weight will have to steer clear of Snehapana remedy as it’ll build up their weight additional.
  3. Diabetes: Snehapana might purpose an build up in blood sugar ranges, so sufferers with diabetes will have to steer clear of this remedy.
  4. Liver issues: Sufferers with liver issues corresponding to cirrhosis or hepatitis will have to steer clear of Snehapana remedy.
  5. Cardiovascular issues: Sufferers with center illness or hypertension will have to go through Snehapana remedy handiest below shut scientific supervision.
  6. Kidney issues: Sufferers with kidney illness will have to steer clear of Snehapana remedy.
  7. Bronchial asthma: Sufferers with bronchial asthma will have to steer clear of Snehapana remedy as it’ll cause respiring difficulties.
  8. Menstruation: Snehapana isn’t beneficial all the way through menstruation as it’ll purpose discomfort and different headaches.

Precautions to take all the way through and after the process

The underneath precautions will have to be strictly adhered to all over the process or even for a couple of days after the of entirety. That is to make sure that you get the utmost advantage of snehapanam.

  • Use handiest sizzling or heat water for all functions corresponding to ingesting, bathing, and even whilst going to alleviate your self in the bathroom.
  • Make sure to are curtailing the herbal urge to urinate and defecate.
  • Don’t carry out any strenuous process or workout. 
  • Napping all the way through the day is against the law. 
  • Your nutrition will have to handiest come with heat liquid or candy meals. Uncooked vegatables and fruits, bitter meals, rapid meals, or any type of stimulant are to be strictly have shyed away from.
  • Abstain from all sexual actions during the process.
  • Make sure to offer protection to your self from chilly, solar, breeze, wind, mud, and smoke. Stay your self coated if you need to move out.
  • Keep away from enticing in actions that sap your power, corresponding to speaking loudly, swimming, long-distance walks, fights, dropping your mood, being worried excessively, and the usage of digital gadgets like laptops, pills, and cellphones.


In Ayurveda’s Panchakarma remedy, snehapanam is a an important process. Ahead of starting further Ayurvedic remedies, Snehapanam is run to nourish each and every physically part. This is a manner of interior oleation with both simple or medicated ghee relying at the affected person’s instances. 

This process is very important as it loosens the toxins and Doshas within the frame, making it more straightforward for them to be expelled all the way through the primary level of remedy. To trace growth and alter the remedy technique, widespread follow-up classes with the Ayurvedic practitioner also are required.

Through flushing out toxins deeply from the frame, it gets rid of the basis explanation for many issues and paves the best way for higher immunity, metabolism, and general higher well being.



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