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The right way to Use Candy Potatoes

The right way to Use Candy Potatoes


Questioning all about tips on how to use candy potatoes within the kitchen? We’re answering your best questions, together with tips on how to cook dinner candy potatoes within the air fryer, tips on how to make grilled candy potatoes, and boiling candy potatoes, in addition to the diet advantages of candy potatoes, on this information.

What are candy potatoes? In spite of their identify, those orange-fleshed tubers—which can also be present in white, yellow, or crimson sorts—aren’t associated with the potato, nor the yam, a reputation they’re steadily mistakenly known as. The true yam is a coarse and starchy root vegetable most often imported from the Caribbean and is not anything just like the candy potato, which lines again 10,000 years in South The united states. There are about 400 types of candy potatoes in numerous pores and skin and flesh colours, some formed like a potato, others lengthy and slim with tapered ends. Commonplace sorts like Garnet or Eastern Crimson may have other textures (company and dry or comfortable and wet) and levels of sweetness.

A number of candy potatoes at a California marketplace.

Candy Potato Vitamin Advantages

Candy potatoes are full of well being possible, thank you largely to their cache of beta-carotene (present in orange-fleshed candy potatoes), which is a precursor to diet A within the frame. One medium candy potato packs a whopping 438% of the advisable day-to-day worth of diet A! Candy potatoes also are full of diet C, manganese, pantothenic acid, diet B6, biotin, potassium, fiber, nutrients B3, B1, B2, and phosphorus. Whew! All from a humble little root. Convey crimson candy potatoes to the desk for a burst of anthocyanins—the similar phytochemicals present in blueberries—which might be robust antioxidant and anti inflammatory compounds related with illness coverage.

Smoky Chili with Candy Potatoes

Rising Candy Potatoes

When to reap candy potatoes? Height season is October via December, however they’re to be had all yr in maximum supermarkets. Make a selection small and medium candy potatoes for a sweeter, moister flesh. Select the ones with easy, company, and blemish-free pores and skin. The deeper the colour of the outside, the richer it most likely is in beta-carotene (or anthocyanins for crimson sorts). How lengthy do candy potatoes ultimate? Retailer in a fab, darkish, neatly ventilated position, however by no means refrigerate them for very best effects—you will have to get 3-5 weeks shelf-life.

Cooking with Candy Potatoes

Considered one of my favourite issues about candy potatoes is how scrumptious and simple they’re to cook dinner with. So, what are you looking forward to? Watch my useful video on tips on how to use candy potatoes right here and try my Best 5 Techniques to Use Candy Potatoes underneath.

Best 5 Techniques to Use Candy Potatoes

Loaded Candy Potatoes with Highly spiced KAMUT® Wheat Berries and Black Beans

1. Bake Candy Potatoes

Simply drizzle just a little olive oil over the potato, rub it in, and pa it within the oven and bake till gentle (comfortable to touch). Then simply cut up the ones small children open and dive in! They’re so excellent simply the best way they’re, or with a topping, equivalent to cashew cream, nuts, or a drizzle of maple syrup. Take a look at this recipe to enjoy without equal baked candy potato recipe.

Vintage Roasted Candy Potato Wedges

2. Grilled Candy Potatoes or Roasted Candy Potatoes

Merely slice candy potatoes into wedges, unfold on a baking dish, drizzle with somewhat of olive oil, sprinkle along with your favourite seasonings—take a look at smoked paprika, garlic powder, or cayenne—and bake them at the best rack of the oven at 375 till golden and gentle. You’ll additionally use roasted candy potatoes in casseroles, like this Candy Potato Black Bean Bake.

Candy Potato Bread

3. Candy Potatoes in Baked Items

Attempt to come with candy potatoes in breads, truffles, cookies, bars, desserts, pies, and past! You’ll replace cooked candy potatoes for pumpkin in with reference to any baked recipe, like pancakes, truffles, and cookies, too. Take a look at my Candy Potato Pie in my ebook Plant-Powered for Lifestyles, or this Candy Potato Bread.


Upload cooked candy potatoes to a smoothie, equivalent to this recipe for Sunny Peach Pumpkin Smoothie

4. Candy Potato Smoothies

Toss in ½ cup of cooked candy potatoes (crimson or orange) into your smoothie blender, together with your favourite veggies, end result, nut and plant-based milk, and you have got the substance for a high-octane smoothie!

Southwest Candy Potato Shepherd’s Pie

5. Mashed Candy Potatoes

Simply cook dinner your candy potatoes (it most effective takes about 5 mins within the microwave!) and mash it as a wonderful aspect dish. Combine in inexperienced onions, almond slivers or pine nuts, and turmeric or cumin if you wish to pass savory, or upload maple syrup, cinnamon, and walnuts for a sweeter choice. It’s additionally an exquisite topping for a Shepherd’s Pie or filling for Potato Pancakes.

Take a look at a few of my favourite candy potatoes recipes right here:

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