Home Disability Trying out Abilitease Gripping Aids as a C5-6 Quad

Trying out Abilitease Gripping Aids as a C5-6 Quad

Trying out Abilitease Gripping Aids as a C5-6 Quad


man in wheelchair holding up a mug using an adaptive device
Mark Fuglevand demonstrates the Tug-A-Mug.

Every so often it takes a quad to understand what a quad wishes. Mark Fuglevand, an incomplete C6 quadriplegic, based Abilitease Adaptive with the function of constructing merchandise to assist other folks with disabilities. Fuglevand were given his first 3-D printer in 2019 and discovered to design and convey adaptive gadgets by means of printing loose designs and staring at YouTube movies. He started making prototypes of the gadgets he shared on social media, and in August 2022 introduced the Abilitease Adaptive on-line retailer to promote the goods displayed on his Instagram web page. He despatched me a few of his most well liked merchandise, and I used to be keen to look how they could make my day-to-day existence as a C5-6 quad a little bit more straightforward.

Adaptive Drink Holders

Abilitease Adaptive provides two adaptive drink holders with handles to make it more straightforward to pick out up cans and different bins and to steer clear of drops and spills. The Adaptive Drink Holder has a U-shaped cuff maintain and securely holds an ordinary 12-ounce can. I attempted the Adaptive Drink Holder on a number of different bins with various levels of good fortune. A taller, skinnier 12-ounce can and a 16.9-ounce bottle each have compatibility however wobbled round a little bit within the holder. Two varied 20-ounce bottles proved a tad too huge to suit. Fuglevand plans to supply sleeves for the Adaptive Drink Holder to house different-sized cans and bottles.

The Adaptive Drink Holder is available in 3 sizes to house different-sized palms, however I nonetheless encountered a small downside in gaining access to the maintain. With the way in which that my arms curl, I may no longer slide my hand in the course of the opening. As a substitute, I needed to place the drink holder on the desk’s edge so I may slide my hand in in the course of the opening on the backside. It wasn’t tricky to do, however bringing an open container close to the brink of a desk will also be a call for participation for crisis.

Abilitease Adaptive provides a an identical Adaptive Drink Holder for trumpet-style cups and glasses that experience a flaring form. It options the similar U-shaped cuff maintain however gets rid of the holder base, permitting the person to slip the holder upward from the ground of a tumbler till it catches comfortable at the wider a part of the glass. I discovered this to be very helpful with pint glasses and plastic cups from speedy meals eating places. The advantage of this drink holder is that I may put it on ahead of grabbing the container, getting rid of the wish to slide it close to the brink of the desk with a drink within.

Can Stabilizer and Can Opener

The Can Stabilizer and Can Opener proved to be an excessively helpful aggregate that made opening cans a lot more straightforward than different adaptive can openers I’ve attempted. The Can Stabilizer completely holds a 12-ounce can, although it does slide a little bit bit on a desk. I connected some non-slip grip to the ground and it stopped the issue. The Can Opener has two rings for the thumb and pointer finger connected to a projection with a gap that slides across the tab of a can. As soon as the tab used to be within the opening, I rocked my hand ahead and popped the can open. I do know many quads use their tooth to open a can, however I believe this can be a significantly better selection.


The Tug-A-Mug is an adaptive tool born of Fuglevand’s need to push a wheelchair and elevate a sizzling mug with no need to the touch it. The Tug-A-Mug has a cradle for the mug, a hook to improve the mug maintain, and a loop for the person to position a thumb via and elevate the mug. I attempted the product on two varied espresso mugs and it held them each securely. I had issue pushing my chair with one hand whilst sporting the Tug-A-Mug, however it will be a lot more straightforward to make use of with an influence wheelchair. The Tug-A-Mug is not going to paintings with all mugs, so you will need to take a look at it ahead of sporting one thing sizzling.

Wire Adapters

Abilitease Adaptive provides adapters that stabilize and upload gripping surfaces to Apple Lightning cables. The adapters have loops that the person can put a thumb or finger via to open and shut the adapter across the cable. The adapter secures the cable so it doesn’t wobble round. Comfortably, the adapter is set the similar thickness as my iPhone in its case and I may slide the charger into the telephone conveniently. One downside I skilled used to be when making an attempt to unplug the cable from my telephone, the adapter would pop open and I must shut it once more ahead of unplugging. When requested about this, Fuglevand says he already has plans to liberate a brand new model that addresses the popping-open factor. “Probably the most issues that I modified concerning the adapter is that I made it tighter — more difficult to near and more difficult to open. Whenever you shut it, you almost certainly don’t wish to open it a lot anymore, so I might slightly make it shut truly exhausting so it doesn’t open as simply,” he says. As soon as this downside is ironed out, I believe the adapters can be extraordinarily helpful.

Clothes Grabber and Multi Grip Clothes Grabber

The Abilitease Adaptive clothes grabbers make placing on garments more straightforward and reinforce independence with dressing. The Clothes Grabber for shirts and the Multi Grip Clothes Grabber for socks, shorts and pants each have holes for a hand and thumb to carry the grabber, and a hook with grooves to snatch no matter piece of clothes must be adjusted. Each gadgets stayed on my hand neatly, and the hook does an excellent activity grabbing and pulling on garments. In his enjoy, Fuglevand has discovered that his shoppers use the grabbers for different duties as neatly. As an example, I discovered each gadgets helpful for duties like pulling on sheets to make my mattress. Fuglevand says, “It’s a collective more or less experiment. I’ve numerous individuals who use them to transport round in mattress or snatch different issues. That wasn’t the supposed design, but when other folks can use them to be impartial in alternative ways, that’s beautiful cool to me.”

Bread Bag Clip

The remaining product I attempted used to be the adaptive bread bag clip. The clip has a loop to carry it, a curved edge for pushing the clip onto the bag, and 3 different-sized holes to protected the clip across the bag. I struggled with this for some time and may by no means get it to paintings. I got here closest with a complete bag of bread, the load of which is helping pull the bag tighter and more straightforward to curve closed. It’s an excessively artful thought, however simply didn’t paintings for me.

Abilitease Adaptive provides most of these merchandise and extra on its web site, with pieces starting from $12-$50. Abilitease Adaptive additionally has an Instagram web page with useful movies appearing how Fuglevand makes use of the goods. Fuglevand is repeatedly operating on new designs and likewise takes requests for personalised merchandise for particular wishes.



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