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Uncover Lauren’s adventure to wholesome dwelling with superfoods

Uncover Lauren’s adventure to wholesome dwelling with superfoods


Lauren’s @laurensgutsylife adventure to wholesome dwelling is as inspiring as it’s distinctive.

She spent the vast majority of her mid-late twenties suffering with deficient intestine fitness, however she is now satisfied to have rediscovered stability. Stick with us to learn how our Naturya Ambassador Lauren boosted her focus and effort ranges, stated good-bye to mind fog and changed into a ball of positivity.

“At that time, intestine ill-health signs from debilitating fatigue to pores and skin breakouts had been impacting my complete existence. Despite the fact that that used to be a time that knocked my self belief, I used to be tremendous made up our minds to search out positives from it. It indisputably modified my existence round cooking. For the primary time, I sought after to prepare dinner recipes from scratch and know about spices and micronutrients after years of macronutrients being the primary center of attention. The extra I experimented, the extra passionate I were given about cooking and felt higher from nourishing my frame.

Unfortunately, the intestine ill-health signs nonetheless simmered away beneath & I discovered myself on a restrictive vitamin that result in a disordered courting with meals and orthorexia (an obsession with maintaining a healthy diet). Little did I do know that those signs had been because of low power availability and, because of this, a hormonal imbalance that still result in Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (extended lack of sessions because of the Hypothalamus shutting down), which is steadily accompanied by means of unwanted effects comparable to mind fog, temper swings, disrupted sleep, all of which have been having a knock-on impact on my high quality of existence.

In my venture to remedy my intestine and be the healthiest happiest model of myself, I attempted on the subject of each and every fermented, polyphenols & fibre packed meals you’ll be able to call to mind. While you listen superfoods you suppose kimchi or kefir (each scrumptious & steadily filled with gut-loving are living cultures), however superfoods don’t should be that ‘in the market’. I fell in love with the entirety Cacao or Maca, and swapped whey for plant-based proteins like Hemp and Rice. It’s taken a couple of years however I’ve now completed meals freedom- a center floor I a lot love and perceive the significance of.

From a Cacao & Maca boosted lattes with an aspect of Cashew Unfold & Banana on toast, to a slice of pizza and chunks of Cacao Nibs, superfoods have develop into an subconscious a part of my day-to-day existence and one thing I will by no means really feel accountable about!


I feel that there are such a large amount of easy swaps or add-ins you’ll be able to attempt to make superfoods part of your day-to-day vitamin:

  • Cocoa for Cacao – when you love darkish chocolate, cacao’s contemporary & wealthy bitterness is for you, packed filled with antioxidants and magnesium, much less processed and decrease in sugar.
  • Honey for Maca powder – this caramelly flavoured superfood is filled with nutrition c, copper & iron, the easiest substitute in porridge and smoothies.
  • Whey for Hemp – probably the most simplest resources of plant-based protein that comprises all the 9 crucial amino acids, it’s a great change, gentle and earthy, mixes smartly with out a lumps in shakes. My favorite is the Naturya Acai & Strawberry for Australia seaside bowl vibes!
  • Chocolate chips for Cacao Nibs – I’m interested in a crunch topper to your porridge, smoothie or bakes that may reinforce your immunity and nourish your psychological wellbeing.
  • Pumpkin seeds for Combined seeds, berries, and superfoods Breakfast Toppers – Switching from unmarried seeds to a Breakfast Topper is an ideal manner so as to add selection, whilst nonetheless getting your crucial Omega 3 fatty acid, protein, copper and magnesium.”

      Control our Superfood Blogs Recipes, on Lauren’s Instagram @laurengutsylife, and on Naturya’s Instagram @naturya to get extra superfood recommendation and day-to-day inspiration!




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